Egypt Achieves WHO’s “Gold Tier” Status on the Path to Hepatitis C Elimination

Egypt has become the first country to attain the “gold tier” status in the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) journey towards the elimination of Hepatitis C, as confirmed by WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. In a ceremony held in Cairo, Dr. Tedros presented Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi with a certificate acknowledging this significant achievement.

The “gold tier” status signifies that Egypt has successfully met WHO’s programmatic coverage targets, positioning the country to achieve the reduced incidence and mortality targets necessary for full elimination of Hepatitis C before 2030.

Dr. Tedros lauded Egypt’s remarkable progress, noting that the country transformed from having one of the world’s highest rates of Hepatitis C infection to being on the verge of elimination in less than a decade. He commended Egypt as an inspiring example, demonstrating what can be accomplished with modern tools and unwavering commitment at the highest levels of leadership to prevent infections and save lives. He emphasized that Egypt’s success should inspire and motivate global efforts to eliminate Hepatitis C worldwide.

The WHO recognized the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population’s dedication to sustaining comprehensive screening, care, and treatment services for individuals with Hepatitis C Virus. Egypt’s nationwide campaign, known as the “100 million seha” campaign (meaning “100 million healthy lives”), played a crucial role in this achievement. The campaign has conducted testing on over 60 million people and provided treatment to more than 4 million individuals.

President el-Sisi highlighted his administration’s commitment to eradicating Hepatitis C by establishing treatment centres, providing necessary diagnostic resources, training healthcare personnel, and supporting the local pharmaceutical industry. Egypt successfully produced millions of doses of Hepatitis C medication and ensured ongoing care for patients with complications, delivering the highest levels of medical support.

Hepatitis C is a viral infection that affects the liver, causing acute and chronic illness. It can be life-threatening and primarily spreads through contact with infected blood. Egypt’s progress in combating Hepatitis C serves as a milestone in the global fight against the disease and underscores the importance of comprehensive strategies and strong leadership in achieving disease elimination goals.


Source: CGTN Africa