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Ethics & Legal Conduct

At Jambo! Radio, we take pride in our commitment to ethical broadcasting and legal compliance. Our dedication to transparency, integrity, and responsible content creation is at the heart of everything we do.

In this section, we provide a glimpse into our ethical framework and legal responsibilities. Explore our code of ethics, how we comply with broadcasting regulations, maintain content standards, and protect your privacy. Discover how we handle advertising, sponsorship, and feedback, always striving to maintain the highest standards.  

Code of Ethics

At Jambo! Radio, our commitment to ethical broadcasting and the empowerment of African and Caribbean heritage communities in Scotland is unwavering. Our Code of Ethics embodies our dedication to accuracy, fairness, transparency, and responsible broadcasting.

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Compliance with Regulations

We take our legal obligations seriously. Discover how we adhere to broadcasting licenses, respect copyright laws, and uphold industry standards. Our commitment to compliance ensures the integrity of our broadcasts and our dedication to serving our communities with trust and transparency.

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Content Standards

We are committed to responsible and respectful broadcasting. Learn about our content standards, which address issues like hate speech, obscenity, and potentially offensive material. Find out how we handle content that may conflict with these standards while ensuring inclusivity and diversity.

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Privacy and Data Protection

We take your privacy and data protection seriously. Discover how we collect, use, and safeguard personal data in accordance with data protection laws. Learn about your rights, our commitment to security, and how we ensure your information is handled responsibly.

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Cookies Policy

Curious about cookies? Learn how Jambo! Radio uses cookies to enhance your website experience, why they matter, and how you can manage your preferences. Your privacy matters to us, and we're committed to transparency.

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Advertising and Sponsorship Policies

Discover how Jambo! Radio upholds transparency, integrity, and editorial independence in our advertising and sponsorship practices. We're committed to delivering relevant, quality content to our audience while maintaining our values and standards.

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