Rwanda President Kagame Declares Visa-Free Entry for All Africans

Rwanda President Kagame Declares Visa Free Entry For All Africans

In a groundbreaking announcement, President Paul Kagame of Rwanda has revealed that the country will now allow visa-free entry for all African nationals. This progressive move aims to enhance the free movement of people and foster increased trade within the continent.

During his address at the 23rd Global Summit of the World Travel and Tourism Council, President Kagame expressed his belief that Africans hold the key to the future of global tourism. He stated, “Any African can get on a plane to Rwanda whenever they wish, and they will not pay a thing to enter our country.”

Rwanda joins the ranks of Benin, Gambia, and Seychelles as the fourth African nation to implement such a policy. The announcement comes on the heels of Kenya’s President William Ruto’s recent declaration to permit visa-free travel for all Africans by December 31, further emphasizing the growing momentum towards open borders within the region.

President Ruto, speaking at an international summit in the Republic of Congo, highlighted the detrimental effects of visa restrictions on African countries. He emphasized that such limitations hinder the mobility of businesspeople and entrepreneurs, ultimately resulting in collective loss for the continent.

The decision by Rwanda and Kenya to open their doors to visa-free travel for Africans signifies a significant step towards fostering greater continental unity and economic integration. As more nations embrace this progressive approach, it is expected to pave the way for increased tourism, trade, and cultural exchange within Africa, ultimately benefiting the entire continent.