Tragic Loss: South African Bantamweight Champion Ronald “King” Malindi Passes Away

In a devastating turn of events, Ronald “King” Malindi, the reigning South African bantamweight champion, has tragically passed away. Last month, the Venda-born boxer narrowly escaped death after being shot twice, sustaining injuries to his chest and head in Westbury.

Boxing South Africa released a statement confirming the heartbreaking news of Malindi’s passing on Saturday. The talented boxer, who also worked as a taxi driver and resided in Brixton, Johannesburg, had shown immense skill and determination throughout his career.

Malindi boasted an impressive record of 19 undefeated fights and had successfully defended his South African title on four separate occasions. His talent in the ring was matched by his charismatic personality both inside and outside of the boxing arena.


Source: SABC News