New Gorbals Housing Association Granted Permission to Develop Homes at Pine Place

New Gorbals Housing Association Granted Permission To Develop Homes At Pine Place

In an exciting development for the Gorbals neighbourhood in Glasgow, the New Gorbals Housing Association has been granted permission to construct 18 flats and 10 houses at Pine Place. The land, previously occupied by the Gorbals Health Centre, which was demolished in early 2020, will now be transformed into a vibrant residential community.

The plans, submitted to the Glasgow City Council, outline the association’s vision of providing high-quality homes for social rent in close proximity to the centre of Glasgow. This initiative builds upon the ongoing regeneration efforts in the wider Gorbals area.

Purchased from NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, the site will feature a terrace of 10 townhouses, offering a combination of four and five bedrooms, each equipped with private gardens. Additionally, a five-storey block of flats will be constructed at the north end of Pine Place, with ground-floor properties specifically designed to be wheelchair-accessible.

The location of the development, near the Gorbals Rose Garden, is particularly noteworthy, as it is regarded as “one of the few places” in the area suitable for the construction of family-sized houses. The New Gorbals Housing Association has expressed its commitment to maximising the number of family homes that can be comfortably accommodated on the street.

To meet the needs of residents, the project will include the provision of 22 car parking spaces, ensuring convenient access for homeowners and tenants alike.

With the approval of the Glasgow City Council, the New Gorbals Housing Association is poised to create a thriving residential community at Pine Place, offering modern and affordable housing options in the heart of Glasgow. This development represents another positive step in the ongoing revitalisation of the Gorbals area, bringing new life and opportunities to the local community.


Source: Glasgow World