Zimbabwe Explores Incorporating Traditional Chinese Medicine into Health Sector

Zimbabwe is actively working towards integrating traditional Chinese medicine into its health sector, according to a cabinet minister. During a bilateral meeting with China’s vice minister of the National Health Commission, Douglas Mombeshora, Zimbabwe’s Health minister, expressed efforts to familiarize themselves with traditional Chinese medicine.

Mombeshora highlighted the positive impact of Chinese doctors practicing acupuncture in Zimbabwe, which had benefited patients. The country is currently in the process of regulating traditional medicine practices and aims to cooperate with China in various areas to achieve shared goals.

The Health minister commended the People’s Republic of China for its support in implementing various projects in Zimbabwe, particularly in the health sector. He specifically mentioned the construction of the National Pharmaceutical Warehouse, which is one of the largest warehouses in the southern African region. The project, funded by a Chinese grant of US$22 million, was completed and handed over to the government of Zimbabwe.

During the meeting, China’s vice minister, Yu Xuejun, acknowledged Zimbabwe’s commitment to maintaining strong relations between the two countries. He mentioned that China has been sending medical teams to Zimbabwe since 1985. Yu expressed his appreciation for the outstanding service provided by members of the Chinese medical teams and expressed a desire for further discussions to strengthen relations, particularly in the health sector.

The discussions took place on the sidelines of the international Inter-ministerial Conference on South-South and Triangular Cooperation in Population and Development, held in Victoria Falls. The conference brought together representatives from over 30 countries, and it was set to be officially opened by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


Source: Newsday Zimbabwe