Nigerian Student Found Guilty of Making Terrorist Threats Against Dundee University in the UK

Nigerian Student Found Guilty Of Making Terrorist Threats Against Dundee University In The Uk

A Nigerian master’s student, Somtochukwu Okwuoha, has been remanded in custody after a jury convicted him of making terrorist threats against Dundee University in Scotland. The 26-year-old student claimed to have enlisted the support of ISIS, an international terrorist organization, to carry out a bombing at the university. Additionally, Okwuoha made alarming statements about planning a chemical attack targeting Dundee.

Okwuoha’s conviction follows his arrest and subsequent trial. The jury found him guilty on seven charges related to making terrorist threats against the university. As a result, he now faces imprisonment and potential deportation back to Nigeria. Sentencing is scheduled for December, and the presiding sheriff, William Wood, will consider the Crown’s request for a deportation order.

During the trial at Perth Sheriff Court, witnesses recounted Okwuoha’s statements to university staff members, revealing his alleged intentions to commit mass murder on the Dundee University campus. Witnesses testified that Okwuoha claimed to possess a military background and the capability to create explosive devices and unleash a deadly virus on the city.

Keith Mackle, a retired director of student services, informed the court about the serious concerns that emerged in autumn 2021 when staff members began receiving emails containing terrorist threats. One of the emails read, “Expect a massive bomb explosion at the University of Dundee. I have contacted ISIS terrorists to plant bombs on campus. I can assure you staff and students will die in great numbers. 9/11 will be a joke compared to what will happen. Blood will spill and flesh will be scattered.”

Shane Taylor, an accommodation officer, also testified that Okwuoha accused him of racism and expressed a desire to exact revenge by wiping out Scottish people.

The conviction of Somtochukwu Okwuoha highlights the seriousness of the charges and the potential threat posed by individuals making terrorist threats. The case serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and prompt action in response to such threats. Authorities are working diligently to ensure the safety and security of educational institutions and the communities they serve.


Source: Premium Times Nigeria