Glasgow Design Studio Collaborates with Nigerian Artist Lemi Ghariokwu to Create Vibrant Craft Beer Project

Glasgow Design Studio Collaborates With Nigerian Artist Lemi Ghariokwu To Create Vibrant Craft Beer Project

Pim-Pam, a creative design studio based in Glasgow, has embarked on an exciting new venture with Nigeria’s first craft brewery, Bature Brewery, by incorporating the renowned artwork of international artist Lemi Ghariokwu into their innovative design project.

The aim of the collaboration is to honour West Africa’s rich and colourful heritage while promoting the region’s emerging craft beer movement.

Having worked closely with Bature Brewery for several years, Pim-Pam’s award-winning creative team has gained global recognition for their contributions to the brewery’s branding and beer can designs. Their creations, such as the Lagos Lager, Founders Pale Ale, and Black Gold Stout, have recently received acclaim, with the latter winning Gold at the prestigious World Beer Awards.

Given that craft brewing is still in its early stages in Nigeria, Pim-Pam has always sought partnerships with Nigerian artists to establish a connection with the brewery’s audience. Their latest collaboration is with Lagos-based Lemi Ghariokwu, renowned for his album artwork designs for Fela Kuti, the ground-breaking pioneer of the Afrobeat genre.

Luke McCarthy, founder and creative director of Pim-Pam, explained the motivation behind their artistic collaborations, stating, “Lagos is brimming with talent, culture, and creativity. With the brewery’s commitment to producing the best-tasting beers using locally-sourced ingredients, we have consistently sought to harness that same energy by collaborating with Nigerian artists and creatives.”

McCarthy further emphasized the importance of understanding the target audience when launching brands in the West African market. He highlighted the uniqueness of Lagos and the need for a tailored approach to resonate with consumers. Recognizing the cult following of the craft beer movement in West Africa, Pim-Pam believes that collaboration and storytelling, through partnerships with artists, creatives, and musicians, can celebrate Nigerian talent while expanding the reach of Bature Brewery’s beers and cultivating brand advocates.

As part of Bature Brewery’s rapid expansion plans over the next year, Pim-Pam forged a partnership with Lemi Ghariokwu. Together, they created the artwork for Bature’s new beer, Shakara, and developed a captivating brand identity for the brewery’s Felabration, an annual music and art festival commemorating the life and legacy of the iconic Fela Kuti.

Shakara, named after one of Fela Kuti’s songs, is a vibrant pink beer infused with popular Nigerian botanical zobo, boasting flavors of strawberry and pomegranate. The beer serves as a fitting tribute to the lively and colourful culture of Lagos, the brewery’s hometown.

Working closely with Lemi Ghariokwu, Pim-Pam collaborated on the design of the artwork, packaging, and related materials for Shakara. The packaging design draws inspiration from the colours and themes prevalent throughout Lemi’s illustrious career, aligning harmoniously with the product, its essence, and the beer’s vibrant hue.