Algerian Authorities Tighten Health Measures at Borders Amid Bedbug Concerns

Algerian authorities have announced the implementation of stricter health measures at border crossings to prevent the spread of bedbugs, which have recently become a concern in French cities. The Algerian health ministry issued a statement on Thursday, declaring the application of international health regulations to anticipate any potential epidemiological developments.

The ministry, in collaboration with various authorities, has activated a health vigilance system to counter the infiltration of bedbugs. This includes health monitoring and disinfection protocols for aircraft, ships, and land transportation in response to any identified threats by border health control personnel.

Algerian Health Minister Abdelhak Saihi refuted claims on Tuesday that bedbugs had been detected within the country. However, with the heavy traffic between Algeria and France, Algerians have expressed concerns about the possibility of the insects being transmitted.

French Health Minister Aurelien Rousseau addressed public concerns on Tuesday, urging citizens not to panic regarding the bedbug infestation. The French government has pledged to take action to reassure and protect the public from the spread of bedbugs.

Numerous videos depicting the alarming spread of bedbugs in buses, trains, airports, and other public spaces in Paris have surfaced on various social media platforms. The infestation has garnered attention as Paris prepares to host the 2024 Olympic Games.

Bedbugs are small parasitic insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals. They are commonly found in bedding and furniture and can cause itchy bites and infestations in homes and hotels.

The Algerian health ministry’s proactive measures at border crossings aim to prevent the introduction of bedbugs into the country. By implementing stringent health protocols, officials hope to safeguard public health and prevent a potential bedbug outbreak.