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March 5, 2024
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President Ruto Explores Employment Opportunities For Kenyans In Germany, Strengthening International Labour Agreements
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President Ruto Explores Employment Opportunities for Kenyans in Germany, Strengthening International Labour Agreements

President William Ruto is currently in Germany on a mission to explore employment opportunities for Kenyan citizens in the European nation. This initiative comes in response to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s visit to Kenya in May, where he unveiled plans to welcome 250,000 Kenyan professionals, skilled laborers, and semi-skilled workers to address Germany’s significant labour needs.

Speaking to a congregation in Sotik, Bomet County, President Ruto highlighted the importance of international labour agreements and their role in combating the rising cost of living. He emphasized that youth employment is a crucial factor in achieving this goal and pledged to continue pursuing such agreements with various countries around the world.

President Ruto revealed that he is actively working with Labour Cabinet Secretary Florence Bore to establish bilateral labour agreements that would enable Kenya to send 3,000 workers abroad every week. The objective is to generate income for the country’s transformation and provide opportunities for Kenyan citizens.

While the president did not provide a specific timeline for the deployment of Kenyan workers under these agreements, he expressed his commitment to the cause. Addressing critics who questioned his frequent foreign trips, President Ruto stated that his travels are not for tourism but rather to work tirelessly for the welfare of Kenyans. He reiterated his understanding of the reasons he was elected to office.

In addition to his efforts in Germany, President Ruto recently announced that he had secured agreements with prominent American tech giants, including Amazon, Intel, and Google, during his US-Kenya roadshow in September. These agreements are expected to create thousands of digital job opportunities for Kenyan youth, contributing to the country’s economic growth. However, specific details regarding the number of jobs pledged by each corporation were not disclosed.

President Ruto’s initiatives to explore employment opportunities in Germany and forge international labour agreements demonstrate his commitment to addressing unemployment and improving the livelihoods of Kenyan citizens. These efforts are expected to create avenues for Kenyans to showcase their skills and contribute to the economies of both Germany and Kenya.


Source: Capital News

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