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June 13, 2024
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Map And Flag Of Kenya. Source: "world Reference Atlas"
Map and Flag of Kenya. Source: "World reference atlas"

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Norman Busigu to Unveil Compelling New Documentary, “Nigeria: Can its Youth Shape its Future?

LONDON, UK – Norman Busigu, the acclaimed British-Ugandan filmmaker, media broadcaster, and accomplished fashion model, is set to dazzle audiences with the world premiere screening of his eagerly awaited second documentary, “Nigeria: Can its Youth Shape its Future?” The premiere will take place in his hometown, London, in October 2023, coinciding with Black History Month.

Norman Busigu, who is no stranger to accolades, has already made a significant mark in the world of film and media. His impressive portfolio includes a nomination for a prestigious award. With “Nigeria: Can its Youth Shape its Future?” Norman embarks on a remarkable journey, exploring the role of Nigerian youth, both within the country and in the diaspora, in shaping the nation’s destiny.

This groundbreaking documentary has garnered substantial support and media coverage, notably from esteemed African media outlets such as Channels TV, Pulse, Starr103.5 FM, GhOne TV, and Metro TV. Produced by Nigeria-based production company, The Milade Films, with post-production supervised by DJ Reckyy/Lamarr Campbell, founder of Playback, the documentary promises to be a thought-provoking exploration of Nigeria’s future.

Additionally, the documentary has secured an official partnership with Jendaya, a luxury e-commerce platform catering to a global consumer base. The film boasts an original soundtrack contributed by the talented British-Nigerian artist, Kvngs.

While Nigeria faces a plethora of challenges, Norman Busigu firmly believes that the nation possesses the essential elements required to ascend to global superpower status. In his view, the youth of Nigeria hold the key to unlocking the nation’s boundless potential.

Through a captivating blend of interviews, thematic analysis, and visits to key locations in Lagos, the documentary delves deep into the perceptions and aspirations of Nigerians regarding their nation’s trajectory. It seeks to understand the role that the youth can play in shaping Nigeria’s future and whether the nation can fulfil its potential as a global powerhouse.

These probing themes are examined through two distinct lenses: Nigeria’s socio-political and socio-economic landscape, as well as the vibrant arts scene, encompassing music and visual arts.

The world premiere screening event is scheduled for Saturday, October 28, 2023, at the Lexi Cinema, situated in North-West London. The event promises a captivating lineup, including keynote speeches, an interactive question and answer session, and more.

Norman Busigu selected the Lexi Cinema for its strong commitment to the community, as it is a volunteer-run social enterprise cinema. The venue not only supports the local community but also contributes to a charitable project in South Africa. Recognised with the Civic Trust Award in 2023, the Lexi’s emphasis on community, charity, and its connection to Africa made it the ideal choice for the world premiere.

In addition to the Lexi Cinema event, Norman Busigu will host a screening event at Queen Mary University London in collaboration with their Afro-Caribbean Society, further reinforcing his commitment to showcasing the film during Black History Month in the UK.

With his second documentary, Norman Busigu aspires to surpass the achievements of his debut film, “Ghana: Africa’s Exciting Entry Point?” This inaugural documentary, which explored the rise of tourism in Ghana, achieved remarkable milestones, including being shortlisted as a Semi-Finalist at the Paris International Short Festival (April 2023), screenings at prestigious venues like Cambridge University and Soho House, and extensive coverage in leading Ghanaian publications.

Norman Busigu’s ambition for his latest documentary is global in scale, with screenings and press coverage spanning Europe, America, and Africa. His dedication to shedding light on the beauty, stories, and truths within Africa, and his determination to challenge negative stereotypes and preconceptions, underscore his commitment to portraying the continent authentically.

Through his films, Norman Busigu hopes to offer audiences a fresh and youthful perspective that reveals the enchantment of Africa, ultimately inspiring them to explore the wonders of the Motherland.

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