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Find access to support on immigration, legal rights, and other services. Whether you have questions about visas, legal assistance, career support, or just to become part of a social community, find what you need here.

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MoneyMatiX is a financial capability organization that provides practical money management training and support for diverse communities, including individuals, workplaces, schools, and community groups. Their innovative programs teach people how to manage money, save, budget, get out of debt, and build wealth, while also working with mainstream organizations to reduce systemic barriers to financial inclusion. Their mission is to improve the well-being of diverse communities and enable them to contribute positively to society.

MoneyMatiX offers tailored workshops, events, and courses for adults, young people, and organizations, including a business startup masterclass, KuzaLife RADAR digital assessment tool, financial inclusion support, lunch and learn sessions, Grow Your Money Youth Edition, and a Youth Money Camp.

Categories: Financial Advise
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