Ceramics workshop with Chris Bramble & Freya Bramble-Carter
07 Oct 10:00 AM
Until 07 Oct, 04:00 PM 6h

Ceramics workshop with Chris Bramble & Freya Bramble-Carter

Join ceramicists Chris Bramble & Freya Bramble-Carter in an all-day ceramic workshop where you will be guided in coil and slab pot building and participate in wheel throwing demonstrations, All materials will be provided and there will be a 1 hr lunch break (lunch will not be provided).

This workshop is aimed at participants aged 16+. No previous abilities or knowledge required. Spaces are limited, so please let us know if you cannot make it so that we can reallocate your space.

About the artists

Specialising in ceramics, Chris Bramble graduated from The Glasgow School of Art where he developed an interest in European sculptors like Rodin as well as African craftsmanship. The contrast of African heritage and European upbringing lead to Chris’s warm, contemporary style, combining African forms and culture with modern techniques.

In 1985, Chris moved to Zimbabwe where he was influenced by methods of colloquial stone sculpture; meeting local artists and attending workshops, he learned processes of carving serpentines and verdites and translated these new forms and techniques to his ceramic work.

Returning to London and exhibiting sculptures, Chris set up his own studio in 1988 where he continues to run workshops in traditional ceramic craftsmanship and develop work alongside his daughter, Freya.

Chris Bramble Website

Freya Bramble-Carter is a London-based ceramics artist, known for creating contemporary designs, often strongly inspired by a balancing flow of femininity and masculinity, appreciative of the power of nature and the universe we live in. Freya combines her lifestyle of imagining and working with clay as well as her life experiences and personal philosophies of changing delusion and enjoyment in one. She tries to live in the most authentic way true for her, to learn about life and expand.

Freya’s work ranges from fine homewares including plates and bowls to large outdoor sculptural pieces, water features for interior or outdoor spaces. Applying her talent to artisan glazes and handcrafting unique silhouettes, Freya’s limited-edition pieces are designed to elevate and be a character of awe often by beauty and tactile appeal.

Before studying fine art at Chelsea College of Arts, Freya learned the craft of clay under her father Chris Bramble’s guidance, and then built on this through teaching, but often enjoys the process of ‘unlearning’ the rules when it comes to making her own pieces. She relishes how you can do anything with clay, the fluidity of moulding and letting go. Every nuance of one’s touch and movement flows through the clay and imprints. Her awareness of this is a helpful tool, as clay is a teacher on many levels. Having always felt a strong physical connection to nature and growing up with clay at her fingertips, Freya allows flow and freedom in her work as well as some structure and strength. She believes in creating pieces that ‘impart with a piece of my soul’, that can become a spark of energy in the home.

Freya Bramble-Carter is represented by Cynthia Corbett Gallery.

Photo: © @ceramicreview