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Advertising and Sponsorship Policy

Updated: Thursday 14th September 2023 

We maintain a clear and ethical approach to advertising and sponsorship. This policy outlines our commitment to transparency, integrity, and editorial independence in all our advertising and sponsorship practices.

1. Editorial Independence

  • Our editorial content is produced independently, free from any influence or interference by advertisers or sponsors. Editorial decisions are based solely on journalistic integrity and the interests of our audience.

2. Disclosure

  • We clearly distinguish between editorial content and advertising or sponsored content. Any content that is paid for or sponsored is clearly identified as such, ensuring transparency for our audience.

3. Relevance and Quality

  • We only accept advertising and sponsorship that is relevant to our audience and aligns with our values. We maintain high standards for the quality and accuracy of advertisements.

4. Non-Discrimination

  • We do not accept advertising or sponsorship that promotes hate speech, discrimination, or any content that may harm or marginalise individuals or groups. We reserve the right to refuse any advertising or sponsorship that conflicts with our values and standards.

5. Privacy and Data Protection

  • We respect the privacy and data protection of our audience. Advertisers and sponsors must adhere to our privacy and data protection standards when collecting and using data through our platform.

6. Community Benefit

  • We consider the potential impact of advertising and sponsorship on our community. We aim to support initiatives that benefit our audience and contribute positively to our mission.

7. Clear Terms and Conditions

  • Advertisers and sponsors must agree to our terms and conditions, which outline our policies and standards. These terms and conditions are designed to ensure ethical and responsible advertising and sponsorship practices.

8. Feedback and Accountability

  • We encourage our audience to provide feedback on our advertising and sponsorship practices. Any concerns or complaints related to advertising or sponsorship will be addressed promptly and transparently.

Jambo! Radio is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics and integrity in our advertising and sponsorship practices. Our audience’s trust is paramount, and we strive to provide a platform where responsible advertising and sponsorship contribute positively to our mission of empowerment and community support.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Advertising and Sponsorship Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.