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Community Resources & Information

While Jambo! Radio is primarily a platform for the airwaves, we are much more than just music and broadcasts. We aim to be a hub where our audience can seek out helpful information and find support, no matter their needs or challenges. Our commitment to our community goes beyond the airwaves; it extends to making a meaningful impact in the lives of the people we serve. 

Business Directory

Black-owned Business Directory

Explore and support local black-owned businesses in your area. Discover a diverse range of products and services while contributing to the growth of your community.


Events & Engagements

Stay connected with the vibrant culture and heritage of the African and Caribbean diaspora. Explore upcoming events, festivals, and community gatherings that celebrate our rich traditions.


Emergencies & General Support

In times of need, access emergency contact numbers, shelters, and essential support services. Your community is here to help you in any situation.


Information & Aid

Access crucial information on immigration, legal rights, and support services. Whether you have questions about visas or need legal assistance, find the guidance you need here.

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    When artistes submit their music on our website, we encourage their audience to engage with these submissions by using the like or dislike buttons. These ratings play a key role in helping us identify high-quality content that resonates with our listeners. Our dedicated team carefully considers user ratings and preferences, handpicking exceptional submissions for special recognition. The rating system operates through the use of browser cookies, making these ratings unique to individual browser users. This means that each user's likes and dislikes are stored in their browser's cookies, allowing us to gather accurate and personalised feedback. As part of our commitment to supporting talent, we occasionally offer free unbiased airplay to these chosen artistes. This opportunity allows them to reach a wider audience and gain valuable exposure within the music scene. By tapping into the power of our listeners' ratings, we aim to create a community-driven platform that uplifts and celebrates the best in music.

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