Flights to Belfast City Airport Cancelled as Heavy Fog Disrupts UK Airports

Flights To Belfast City Airport Cancelled As Heavy Fog Disrupts Uk Airports

In a weather-related incident on Sunday night, Aer Lingus flights from Newcastle, Birmingham, and Leeds-Bradford to Belfast City Airport were cancelled as planes were unable to land due to heavy fog lingering over Northern Ireland. The adverse weather conditions also impacted Belfast International Airport, leading to diversions and cancellations.

According to reports from The Mirror, several aircraft were seen circling above Belfast City Airport, awaiting clearance to safely land. One flight had to be diverted to Dublin due to the challenging weather conditions. Additionally, an Aer Lingus flight from Belfast Airport to Glasgow was forced to divert to Edinburgh after the runway was engulfed in fog, as previously reported by Edinburgh Live.

Images from Flightrader displayed a cluster of planes hovering over Northern Ireland’s capital, unable to land due to the thick fog. Forecasters predict that the weather conditions will persist until Monday morning, with a simultaneous drop in temperatures expected overnight.

Although the exact reasons for the cancellations of flights from Newcastle, Birmingham, and Leeds-Bradford to Belfast City Airport are yet to be confirmed, it is likely that the heavy fog played a significant role. Passengers were left disappointed as their travel plans were disrupted, and several departures from Belfast City Airport were also cancelled.

In addition to affecting air travel, the adverse weather conditions led to the closure of roads across Northern Ireland and other parts of the UK due to icy conditions. Authorities have issued reminders to motorists to exercise caution, slow down, and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles.

Commenting on the prevailing weather conditions, Jason Kelly, the chief forecaster at the Met Office, stated that a noticeable drop in temperatures could be expected in the coming week. The UK is likely to experience colder-than-average temperatures, especially in the southern regions where brisk easterly winds will further accentuate the cold. However, the high-pressure system in place is expected to bring more settled weather, with clearer skies and reduced precipitation. Nevertheless, any showers that do occur are likely to be wintry in nature. Given the combination of freezing temperatures overnight, saturated ground, and calm winds, there is an increasing risk of frost, fog, and icy conditions.

As the affected airports and travelers await improved weather conditions, it is essential for passengers to stay updated with the latest information from airlines and authorities regarding flight schedules and road conditions.


Source: Edinburgh Live

Rescue Effort Saves Trapped Miners at Redwing Mine in Zimbabwe

Rescue Effort Saves Trapped Miners At Redwing Mine In Zimbabwe

In a remarkable display of bravery and perseverance, rescuers successfully extracted all 15 subsistence mine workers who were trapped underground in a collapsed shaft at Redwing mine in Zimbabwe. The incident occurred on Thursday, leaving the miners in a dire situation until their eventual rescue on Sunday, as reported by government spokesperson Nick Mangwana.

Located approximately 270 km east of the capital city Harare, the Redwing mine experienced a ground collapse, leading to the entrapment of the workers. The rescue operation faced significant challenges due to unstable ground conditions, causing delays in reaching the trapped miners. Metallon Gold, the owner of Redwing mine, cited the unstable ground as a contributing factor to the rescue operation’s complexity.

However, despite the hurdles, the relentless efforts of the rescuers paid off, and all the miners were successfully brought to safety. A video shared on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, by government spokesperson Nick Mangwana showcased the heartwarming moment when the mud-covered workers emerged from the mine shaft and were greeted by a jubilant crowd at the mine site.

Redwing mine has been the site of subsistence mining activities carried out by miners engaging in unsanctioned work since the mine was placed under corporate rescue in 2020, according to Metallon Gold. The incident serves as a reminder of the risks faced by these miners who often work in precarious conditions with limited safety measures.

The successful rescue operation not only highlights the dedication and expertise of the rescue teams involved but also underscores the value of collaboration and swift action in such situations. The government, mine owners, and the rescue teams worked together to ensure the safety of the trapped miners, showcasing the importance of a coordinated response.

As investigations into the cause of the collapse are likely to follow, it is crucial for authorities to address the issue of subsistence mining and work towards improving safety measures in these informal mining operations. The incident serves as a wake-up call to prioritize the welfare and safety of all miners, regardless of their working status.

The successful rescue at Redwing mine is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the determination to save lives. The rescued miners can now begin the process of recovery and healing, while industry stakeholders must reflect on the incident and take steps to prevent similar occurrences in the future.


Source: VOA

Nigeria Signs MoU with Saudi Arabia for Smooth Conduct of 2024 Hajj

Nigeria Signs Mou With Saudi Arabia For Smooth Conduct Of 2024 Hajj

In a significant development, Nigeria has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Saudi Arabian authorities to ensure the seamless and well-organized execution of the 2024 Hajj pilgrimage. The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) confirmed this momentous achievement in a statement released on Sunday in Abuja.

According to Fatima Sanda-Usara, the assistant director of Public Affairs at NAHCON, Nigeria, represented by key officials led by Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Yusuf Tuggar and acting Chairman of NAHCON Malam Jalal Arabi, solidified its commitment to a successful Hajj by formalizing the 2024 (1445AH) Hajj Memorandum of Understanding with the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. The signing ceremony took place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Before the MoU signing, the Nigerian delegation engaged in productive discussions with the Saudi Minister of Hajj and Umrah. Nigeria took the opportunity to raise the issue of a lasting solution to the shortage of tents in Muna, an important area for the Hajj pilgrimage. Additionally, the Nigerian government emphasized the need for more favorable terms for Nigerian carriers involved in transporting pilgrims. Furthermore, the Nigerian team extended an invitation to the Saudi Minister of Hajj and Umrah to visit Nigeria.

Mrs. Sanda-Usara highlighted that the Saudi Minister acknowledged the challenge of space in Muna and assured the Nigerian delegation that efforts were underway to optimize the utilization of the available two million square meters to accommodate the over two million annual pilgrims. The Saudi Minister expressed the ministry’s support for all measures aimed at providing the best services to pilgrims and agreed to visit Nigeria in the near future.

The meeting was attended by other key participants, including the Nigerian Consul-General in Jeddah, Bello Kazaure, senior officers from the Nigerian Mission in Saudi Arabia, and representatives from NAHCON.

Nigeria has been allocated 95,000 Hajj slots by the Saudi Arabian Ministry for Hajj and Umrah for the 2024 holy pilgrimage. This allocation demonstrates the strong bilateral relationship between Nigeria and Saudi Arabia and the trust placed in Nigeria to ensure a smooth and successful Hajj experience for its citizens.

With the MoU in place, Nigeria is poised to enhance its coordination and cooperation with Saudi Arabia to address logistical challenges, improve services, and provide a memorable and spiritually fulfilling Hajj experience for Nigerian pilgrims. The signing of the MoU marks an important milestone in the preparations for the 2024 Hajj, bringing Nigeria a step closer to facilitating a well-organized and hassle-free pilgrimage for its citizens.


Source: Premium Times NG