Inaugural The Black Scottish Awards Unveil Outstanding Winners

The Black Scottish Awards 2023 (4)

The Black Scottish Awards stands as a vibrant celebration of excellence within Scotland’s Black community. This first of its kind event serves as a platform to recognise and honour outstanding individuals and organisations, united in their commitment to breaking down barriers and championing excellence.

The Black Scottish Awards boasts a rich tapestry of diverse categories, carefully curated to spotlight and applaud excellence spanning various sectors. The meticulous process of selecting finalists for these categories ensures that only the most deserving individuals and organisations are celebrated, underlining the Awards’ commitment to recognising the true champions of excellence in our nation.

Amidst a backdrop of excitement and palpable anticipation, the inaugural The Black Scottish Awards 2023 unfolded into a night of jubilant celebration and unity, guided by the esteemed hosts, Asabea Owusu and Tosin Ogunlesi.

The Black Scottish Awards 2023 commenced with an exhilarating and electrifying performance by Chinyanta, whose magnetic presence and soul-stirring performance ignited the event’s atmosphere. As she graced the stage, a wave of energy and inspiration surged through the audience, painting the night with vivid colours and setting the scene for an extraordinary evening.

The Black Scottish Awards 2023 (5)

But the magic didn’t end there. The enchanting melodies of the GQS Band further enriched the evening, serenading the audience with a live music experience that was nothing short of amazing.

The Black Scottish Awards witnessed a truly heartwarming moment as 10-year-old Barakel Nmeholam took the stage. Her moving speech, in which she courageously shared the harrowing journey of escaping the war in Ukraine, struck a chord with everyone in the room. As she recounted her family’s journey to Scotland, a country that provided refuge and a reason to smile again, the entire audience was moved to their feet, giving young Barakel a well-deserved standing ovation. Her story exemplified the spirit of unity and resilience that The Black Scottish Awards celebrate.

The Black Scottish Awards 2023 (2)

In another remarkable highlight, the Awards presented Ms. Mukami McCrum MBE with the prestigious Chair’s Lifetime Recognition Award. Her lifelong dedication to fighting for equity and empowerment for disadvantaged groups in Scotland and beyond has left an indelible mark on the community. It was a moment that underscored the enduring commitment of individuals like Ms. McCrum in the ongoing struggle for a fairer and more inclusive society. The Black Scottish Awards provided a platform not just for recognition but also for these deeply moving and inspirational stories that serve as a testament to the strength and unity of the community.

The founder and Chair of The Black Scottish Awards is quoted saying “I wanted this awards ceremony to appreciate those who came before us, celebrate with the winners today and inspire those coming after us.

At the heart of the evening, of course, lay in the recognition and celebration of the outstanding award winners, each a luminary in their respective categories:

The Black Scottish Awards 2023 (4)

  • Business of Excellence of The Year sponsored by Barclays: Doqaru Limited
  • Professor Sir Geoff Palmer Outstanding Student of the Year sponsored by Morgan Stanley: Chizulum Ifezulike.
  • Creative of the Year sponsored by Black Professionals Scotland: Chinyanta
  • Professional Senior Leader of the Year sponsored by STV: Lydia Balogun-Wilson
  • Diversity Champion of the Year sponsored by CIPD: Samuel Agbede
  • Ally of The Year sponsored by Black Professionals Scotland: Carol Anderson MBE
  • Sports Personality of the Year sponsored by sportscotland: Panashe Muzambe
  • Outstanding Contribution To The Black Community sponsored by Black Professionals Scotland: Dr. Adaeze Ifezulike MBE
  • Community Organisation of the Year sponsored by TSB: Jambo! Radio Scotland
  • Professional Rising Star of The Year sponsored by Black Professionals Scotland: Oluwafunbi Karunwi


The Black Scottish Awards 2023 wasn’t just an event; it was a celebration of the vibrant, multifaceted Black Scottish community and a source of inspiration for all. To connect and relive the moments follow The Black Scottish Awards on Instagram:

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With the resounding success of The Black Scottish Awards 2023, anticipation for the next chapter, The Black Scottish Awards 2024, is already building. The remarkable stories, outstanding individuals, and heartwarming moments from the 2023 event have left the community eagerly looking forward to what the 2024 edition will bring. As The Black Scottish Awards continue to be a beacon of unity and recognition, there’s a palpable excitement in the air, and expectations are high for yet another unforgettable evening that will celebrate diversity, inspire change, and honour those who are making a lasting impact. Stay tuned for what promises to be an even more remarkable celebration in the coming year.